This is the order the bounces were written with brief notes on each bounce/blog. Or you can download and read the pdf as a book.


Introduction link how the book started
Technology 1 link Pirsig's craft now not apply because of built-in obsolescence and cars bikes fashion
Chautauqua 1 link uni drink and hitting bottom First firm and 7oaks zen emerging
Technology 2 link zen aversion fashion the dehumanising intellect
Thailand 1 link Short description of window to Koh Chang
Technology 3 link No more craft bush mechanics Women, image and weight
Education 1 link Eng lit not creative Chinese scifi story when kid
Thailand 2 link Going to the beach exercise and space
Chautauqua 2 link Malaise travel breaks the cobwebs broke my wrist game park driving
Zen 1 link zen is when shit falls away is that Pirsig's quality?
Technology 4 link Competence interest corporations alienation
Chautauqua 3 link Not travelling
Sila 1 link Recluse bike dog-eat-dog
Chautauqua 4 link Immature child no Phaedrus just repressed J
Education 2 link Do to kids education repression even though they want creativity
Chautauqua 5 link Benefitting from colonialism small % need indoctrinating
Unity 1 link Ideas gravity separation unity Gaia's laws
Technology 5 link AI, designing out intelligence, machines deleting quality
Chautauqua 6 link Chiswick and Arts centre beginning of compassion
Technology 6 link Same as Educ3 Being prepared for AI. Quality Assurance M Ed. The way we work robotic not human judgement so why not have AI Reference to ISM Conspiracy of forces
Chautauqua 7 link Evaluation. Occupy classrooms. Yvand. Belgium. Mind consolidation. France losing money becoming teacher Drinking
Chautauqua 8 link Teaching career overview and ending up in Thailand
Intellect 1 link Confidence. Being alone. Insight - "I know". Problem-solving insight. Why not more zen?
Chautauqua 9 Link New personality. Little childhood memory. Protected lifetime. Controlling lust in men. Personality as many masks.
Zen 2 Link Buddhism divided by intellectuals. Proliferating sankharas. Idea sets bringing conflict.
Diatribe 1 Link No mean guys. Mitigation small businesses corporations. Lifestyle happiness zen and envy.
Intellect 2 Link First time rationality. Hypotheses. Hooked on intellect. Place of intellect.
Progress 1 Link Progress difficult. Romantic-classic sanna-sankhara. 3 characteristics - anatta, anicca dukkha Suffering a measure. Anicca timeless truth, what is it? How do we judge progress with it? No answer yet.
Progress 2 Link Absolute and relative. More on 3 characteristics as benchmarks. Always be suffering?
Intellect 3 Link Dogma faith Buddhism About online person and the place of reason
Progress 3 Link Fashion Global progress. West progress at expense of world finance accumulated western institutions
Influence 1 Link World controlled by violence. Liberals think control is argument. Is there questioning about what violence enforces? Discussed feminism.
Progress 4 Link The way technology has changed social life and business
Education 4 Link Explaining the Conformist Church of Exams
Progress 5 Link Health cancer degenerative disease Poverty and wage-slavery
Chautauqua 10 Link My blackouts drink. Pirsig and Phaedrus blackouts Discussed drink from full-time care to end of second school. Path consolidated as loner on holiday.
Unity 2 Link "Racist" German. Unity by not taking intellectual positions. At the same time don't compromise with sila - jobs. Teaching is just enabling wage-slavery.
Women 1 Link Fonda, Barbarella, Klute, China Syndrome, TED. Emptiness - no manhood conditioning? Karen anorexia bulimia leading to Carol Gilligan
Education 5 Link Gatekeeping. PGCE - enjoy. PGCE exam. Porn and moral ed. Aberdeen gatekeepers
Chautauqua 11 Link How I started the Platform again. 15/5/17
Science 7 Link Refuting science, Einstein, Path and Maturity 28/5/17
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