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My main blog is Zandtao - Compassionate Awareness Updated two or three times a week

Occasionally I write about education Matriellez - Educating Naturally. Last entry No Homework - 21/5/17

and if occasionally I write about Healthy Eating in Thailand I use Healthy Eating in Thailand Glycemic Load - 9/4/17


Before using online blogs I stored blogs on my own webspace. These are still stored, and you can access them through Lists of Posts and Movies on these blogs:-

Zandtao - Compassionate Awareness contains Lists of Posts and Movies for Zandtao Archives and for STC archives

Ginsukapaapdee - Healthy Eating in Thailand contains a List of Post and Movies for Natural Health Archives

Or you can access the archives through the Archives links in this table:-.

** ARCHIVES ONLY** Nature-Insight Blog My Natural Health blog Old Matriellez Education Blog STC Blog

I did run bookblogs but I seem to have stopped that.

Here are the links (they are not listed at my blogs online):-

Bookblog Deliberations:-

Engaging with Dharma Dan - disengaged as of 03/03/10

Lila - An Inquiry into Morals 12/12/09

"A Complete Guide to Chi-Gung"12/3/09;

"Fire from Within"17/2/09 and finished with warning;

"No Death No Fear" 24/8/09 and finished