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Appendix B Review Note on Faith

Review note - The major insight or revelation on faith was very important, however it was more than faith involved. I realised this during investigating faith - I began discussion of the faith revelation during exploring quest. If you are reading this you are choosing not to follow the flow of the book in which the realisation that it was more than faith was part of the context.

The realisation that it was more than faith came in a confused way. It started when I looked at a Buddhadasa quote on emancipation from the Handbook of Mankind begun here. Then overnight I realised that it wasn't just faith that was involved in the experience, it was transcendence. It was an experience of transcendence that I had been calling faith.

I didn't go back and change what had been previously written because faith was involved - it had caused the experience. It had started with quest into the unknown. With the power and conviction of faith there had been a powerful transcendent experience that I then called faith in the Dhamma. But there were 2 aspects of the Dhamma in this - the power and conviction concerning the Dhamma (faith) and being in the abode that connects with the Dhamma (transcendence or lokutarra).

Starting with the quest the power and conviction of faith had helped me transcend into the abode of lokutarra. It is the experience of transcendence that is important, connecting with the Dhammma, moving beyond conditionality. Describing this transcendence as having faith in the Dhamma does not cause misunderstanding, faith causing transcendence is fine; is faith transcendence? The relationship between faith and transcendence is part of investigating faith.


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