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Compassion 22/8/20

Is Zandtaomed for the compassionate conservative? 21/8/20

Tathata, Timeless & Tacit 20/8/20

Unconscious "Fragmenting" 13/4/20

Mcmindfulness 16/1/20

The Protection of the 4 Dhamma comrades 14/10/19

Addiction 25/8/19

Eclecticism 24/8/19

Guilt 24/8/19

Integrity note - I have included short papers Zandtaomed has written as part of the meditation advice interaction. These papers contain nothing personal, do not discuss anything personal arising from diaries, and the student concerned has checked that the content is not personal.

An examination of solitude in my life inspired by Stephen Batchelor's "Art of Solitude".

At one stage I examined the teachings of Eckhart Tolle from a Buddhist perspective. Whilst I considered there was a strong theme of Buddhism in his teachings I understand that he would prefer to be considered non-denominational. Noting this still allows me to ask "Is Eckhart Tolle a Buddhist?", this is not a desire to "claim" him as Buddhist but just to compare teachings.

Previously I had included discussions on what the Buddha taught as part of my zandtao blog as . Now such discussion will be noted in the zandtao blog as , and included here in the Advice for Zandtaomed. Here are the older blogs from the page:-

1) About Buddhism
2) Detachment
3) Bhavana on Faith

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