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Advice from Zandtaomed

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This is a table in alphabetical order of the Zandtaomed Advice:-

About Buddhism
25/8/19 Addiction We live in a completely addicted society. Our worst addicted people, the super rich, .... destroy the very planet we live on in their addiction. We are all consumer addicts .... addiction is not just physical and this is where our meditation method and dhamma comrades come in.
Bhavana on Faith
2/1/20 Defiled World Conditioned egos occur because we attach and cling to desires – 4NT. But how does this clinging show? .... if we look at the defiled world we can see greed, delusion and aversion.
24/8/19 Eclecticism We developed eclectic tastes in music and the arts, finding something that was new to the social group was to be celebrated .... but the reality is that they remained in their intellects, never moved beyond their intellects – never got deep. It is in deep inner space where spirit is found.
24/8/19 Guilt You follow the path, you do what comes naturally. Why would guilt arise? What is most important to deal with guilt is what I call sila-consciousness; sila is the Buddhist term for moral integrity. As part of “always doing the best I can”, I have tried to be as moral as I can.
14/10/19 The Protection of the 4 Dhamma comrades 4 Dhamma Comrades is the name Buddhadasa gave to the essential dhammas that arise during Mindfulness with Breathing - Mindfulness(Sati), Wisdom (Panna), Wisdom-in-Action (Sampajanna), Concentration (Samadhi).
21/9/19 The Timeless and Tacit To know what is what is to know the timeless and the tacit. How can we understand the timeless wisdom without understanding the context?
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