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Following Path

This chapter brings together my writing on pathtivism so far. Pathtivism means path activism. Activism is 100% about following your path, the emphasis of your activism is following your path. Whatever form your activism takes in daily life, be conscious that it is as a consequence of following your path, and not that the activism is the purpose. Whatever activism your path chooses, however your path decides on how to work collectively, it is your path that you are following - the cause is your daily life.

In the Treatise I developed the 3 tenets and showed how they had affected my daily life:-

In writing the Treatise I wanted to show that the path had always been a part of my life, from upheaval onwards I followed my path however loosely – however much my reflective ego tells me I could have done better. Given the conditioning in life that works against following the path, the Treatise can show you firstgrace, insights and phala (bells and banjos) which are indicators-plus of your path. Please look for them in yourselves and act on them.

At the end of the Treatise I wrote this as the path:-

This is what I saw as the path, and it was the basis of the pathtivist manual. That began as trying to show how following the path would be beneficial to activism – in the first part looking at how the path could help activism. But on the inner journey in the second part there began a completion process in which the 3 tenets became integrated into the path. As the clarity of this integration grew a recognition grew that focussing on outer activism was not constructive but that following the path required 100% engagement with activism. This apparent contradiction is the reality of the path, our path in life is about activism but it does not mean that we are always carrying placards, solitude with the purpose of following your path is activism. Once the path had been integrated it became clear that there was 100% complete disenchantment with activism. Activism of itself is not a reward, the rewards come from following your path in nature:-

Activism is your duty – not your reward, phala (fruits) from following your path are the reward. Pathtivism makes it clear that the path is what we do, what we follow as our duty, what provides our rewards. The duty that the path tells us to follow is not the reward, success in daily life is not the measure – daily life is the duty; the path is its own reward.

Through MwB and the Companion I provided a way of developing your path. Unknown at the time the 4 tetrads of the Companion provide a meditation approach to what I did in the Treatise and Manual. Through the 3 tenets and integration into the path, I had followed the 4 tetrads of kaya (body), vedana (energy), citta (mind) and Dhamma (path integration) – the 4 foundations of mindfulness. By following Buddhadasa’s anapanasati-bhavana I was able to reinforce my approach to these 4 foundations to develop the Dhamma – follow the path.

In Viveka-Zandtao I examined solitude and came to recognise that following the path was my Viveka. It helped me recognise that throughout my daily life in the work of teaching that had been directed by my path of compassion, in my activism whose purpose was enabling spirit even when stuck in a room licking envelopes, it was the times of solitude that helped me return to the path, that kept my life centred on the path. Once I found the path in upheaval, solitude maintained a hold on the path whilst fighting off the conditioning of daily life, and now I have the solitude that enables me to give back through Zandtao.


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