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My racism, Kehinde

I listened to Russell talking to Kehinde Andrews, and got sucked into thoughts on racism again. I have become sick of the denial that the MAWPs are full of, and have emotionally focussed on that as racism. Denial is an important mechanism to maintain racism but racism itself is a cultural characteristic. In a sense denial is only the symptom that arises when the racist is confronted.

Most people look at racism from the point of activism, racism is recognised and the activist seeks change. This activism could be the activism of the anti-racist or the political activist, and in seeking change they meet denial as the racist's response to questioning. As an activist it is perfectly reasonable to assume that overcoming this denial is a means of overcoming racism. When such activists analyse the 1%-satrapy, it becomes obvious how racism has developed based on exploitation and the scapegoating by the 1% to further their accumulation. However this societal framework developed from the intellect does not really address the real source of racism. To all intents and purposes white people are born racists or not. This comes from an understanding that is spiritually accepted but politically and intellectually is doubted. Spiritually we say that we choose our parents because we take on their characteristics - one way or another. I have no trouble accepting this as I have reconciled with my inner child, but for many activists such a statement is "new age nonsense". However I am perfectly comfortable asserting that my inner child had a conflict between the racism that came from my parents and the compassion I was born with.

It is not usually accepted in white society that we are effectively born as racists. White people especially point to nurseries and say that children get on, so how can they be racist? As nursery children we have not been conditioned for that long, so the racism is there but is not shown - unless at home the racism is overt; it is important to note that in many white racist homes racism is tacit rather than overt – as I will describe later. As we get older societal conditioning kicks in, and in my case that conditioning was systemic and cultural racism. Because education was not compassionate – anti-racist – in my grammar school, as a teenager I was racist. I was not conscious of this racism but in retrospect my actions were racist based on the tacit racist upbringing in the community. At school there was only one black person and I was scared of him. Being racist was not an actual expressed characteristic day-to-day, but it was there; from what I recall of the actions of this one black person, he was clearly a victim of racism – as I never knew him I don’t know how he handled it. At university there were few black people. I met one black girl who went out with a mate from the hall of residence. She lived near my home town, and it would have been normal to meet up with uni home town mates during holidays – she wanted nothing to do with me. I presume I had said something racist to her as I was conditioned that way.

Then I moved to London with my work and met some black people, friends showed me my racism but it was not a big part of my life – again I was not truly conscious of the racism. After my upheaval I developed compassion which took me to working with kids in care, and there I met some black kids. After the upheaval the affect of conditioning on me was far less – having moved significantly beyond conditioning, but the racism of my upbringing was still there. When I started teaching in a slight majority black school, a black friend helped me if my compassion ever strayed into conditioning – I will always be grateful to him for that.

So the two factors that moved me away from the racist that was with me from birth was compassion and awareness. It was not the removal of denial because with compassion and awareness there is no need for denial.

It is worth noting that Derek Black associates compassion with his leaving white supremacy yet he was white supremacist from birth as I was racist.

So where does the denial come in? That is what the MAWPs (Male Arrogant White Privileged) do, they deny all the facts concerning race that people give them because they wish to remain MAWPs. They deny the truth, they deny their compassion. But their racism is not built on an upbringing that imprints a tabula rasa, it is not solely nurtured by society, it comes from their parents and culture.

I have recently described the WEGemony, the way the WEGemony keeps control of the metropole I see as something new. When I grew up as a racist with other racists in my community, I went to a school where racism was tacitly assumed. Since then there has been a gradual increase in racism awareness within schools making children question their own racism to some extent. With the increase in the number of non-whites in schools, students have also learnt what all peoples are like. These are two factors that the WEGemony has to counter. When I grew up there was no need for my community to enclave as racism was a tacit assumption in our society, but with the greater racism awareness the enclave strategy has been introduced by the forces behind Trump, Bojo and Scomo to maintain control for the 1%. But I want to make an observation about multi-racial schools, they do not appear to significantly alter the racism of students; however they do require students not to be overt with their racism usually by school policy. In the mixed race schools I taught in, I watched as the students grew into their conditioning, however liberal the messages were that came from the teachers, students stayed with their conditioning.

With WEGemony students are not required to go through the denial process. The WEGemony undermines the liberalism that underscores the curriculum. In Higher ED this is undermined by organisations such as TurningPoint USA where right-wing students who disagree with their teachers can accuse them of bias. Throughout education there is a movement to see all education as liberal indoctrination as opposed to recognising the corporate paradigm. There is sufficient solidarity within this anti-liberal movement for racists not to have to deny, but simply to say we are racists together. That is what the WEGemony wants.

But if these measures were not enough, then there is the white downgrading of social media. This downgrading is similar to the racist solidarity within education where people in social media behave in a racist way anonymously. Different tricks are used such as bots so the level and amount of racism is increased, and through the algorithms people are directed to these. The downgrading process helps people identify with the worst aspects of racism and sexism almost unconsciously. Investment pays for the clips and the algorithms direct the traffic.

Another part of the racist solidarity is disparagement of those who don’t agree. This is easily done with Liberals. A liberal has an ego or veneer of compassion but deep-down they are still motivated by the egos conditioning provided for survival. Their first motivation is this survival – home and job, and after that comes compassion. These people are often reformist, not willing to make the revolutionary demand of deep compassion. This ambivalence makes them an easy target for the racists.<

The final group of whites these racists attack are SJW – Social Justice Warriors. There is nothing legitimate to attack with SJWs as these are compassionate people fighting for what is right but these racists have guilt and SJWs shame them collectively. So with collective solidarity and little rationale they attack SJWs. If there is a fault amongst SJWs it is that they do not have much time for the racists. Based on the characteristics of racists it is quite understandable that SJWs do not have time for them, but that is when we need to recognise the increased conditioning these racists are under as a requirement of the WEGemony and it would be better if SJWs could send metta to these white men or similar.

Effectively people are born racists because of who their parents are. During their conditioning various mechanisms such as solidarity or white downgrading perpetuates that racism even though there are some attempts at liberalisation. Once they are adults, the path should cause this conditioning to fall away but it doesn’t as people remain attached to ego – in this case the ego of racism. This racist attachment is emotional, and is not based in truth.

Denial still has its place within racism, and it is worth examining the psychology of denial to see the way racists behave. All people have to justify to themselves the way they are, and the way they do this is through denial – denial presents a weak justification and when combined with the above mental racist infrastructure that weak denial is sufficient as the world view (tathata) of these people is limited.

I looked at this article on the psychology of denial, and came up with these points:-

1. Not accepting the truth of the situation – tathata (see below), defiled world.
2. Denial is a "defence mechanism in which confrontation with a personal problem or with reality is avoided by denying the existence of the problem or reality."
3. Defence mechanisms provide an unconscious way to prevent unacceptable thoughts or feelings from making us overwhelmingly anxious.
4. Protect ourselves from feelings of shame or guilt, although these defence mechanisms can also arise when we feel threatened.
5. Psychology has identified denial as the primary defence mechanism that most people use to cope with highly stressful situations. It often involves blocking external events from our conscious awareness.

Whilst these 5 denial points are generalised, they clearly apply to those defending a racist position. When an anti-racist meets a racist they are immediately confronted with denial in discussion. Anti-racists often perceive racism as something that can be dismissed by rationale, overcoming the denial with logic. But that is far from the case. Racism as a mental infrastructure is generational, it takes a commitment to compassion as with Derek Black for these conditioned attachments to be broken down. For me such a commitment would be to follow the path – pathtivism.

When looking at denial I found an interesting blog about denial, and it is worth reading this blog for what she says about denial. However she then used this understanding of denial to attack democrats, and the basis of this attack was “I could help those with an open mind to come to grips with the critical issues of our time - Radical Islam and the threat to western civilization.” In other words Dr Sanity was afraid, and the root source of her world view was fear. She though Democrats were in denial if they didn’t see this threat, and whilst I agree with her on that her limited world view does not recognise the backlash nature of Radical Islam and the role of war in western civilisation.

This shows that unfortunately Dr Sanity has a limited world view. In Mindfulness with Breathing, Buddhadasa talks of tathata as a result of the four tetrads – the four foundations of mindfulness. He describes tathata as seeing what is what, a somewhat unscientific description of something that is deep. I recently talked of being 100% dedicated to the path, and with such dedication then the world view will also be optimally 100%. No one person’s description of the world can be accurate except for the Buddha’s because our paths are only part of Nature; Nature’s tathata would be 100% accurate. However by being 100% dedicated to the path we can reach our optimal understanding. As part of following the path we end attachment to fear, and whilst a clear view would perceive Radical Islam as a threat a clearer view would see wars for profits as a bigger threat – climate change, 1%-satrapy etc.

Clearly the racist is not a person 100% dedicated to the path although following the path would clearly help. The limited view of the racist comes from parents, and is restricted by the conditioning of racist solidarity with its mechanisms. Maybe some of the extreme white supremacists try to be more informed as part of their intellectual campaign (discussed in the book on Derek Black), but for most of these racists the only time the issue comes up is if they are confronted in debate. These are not people who are widely read nor are they people seeking tathata – a balanced world view. If such people wish to leave the enclave the WEGemony gives them, then it is best to offer help – metta to white men, but from within their enclaves the waggons are corralled.

Because racism shows itself later in cognitive development – during teen years is usually the first sign, white liberals avoid perceiving racism as being socially endemic; because of their experience black people know differently. It used to be the case that racism could be considered an iceberg, with the overt “racist uncle” visible and the 8/9 of nice white people as racist underneath. This racism was not always conscious but showed itself when the black boyfriend/girlfriend met the parents. With the WEGemony this iceberg proportion has changed as white downgrading has encouraged some of the nice white people to be more overt.

Racism is an indicator rather than a motivator for voting. The dominant factor for nice white people voting is the delusion that they feel the economy is in safer hands with the Tories/Republicans so their houses will be protected. Whilst this is ostensibly not true it is still a dominant voting characteristic, hence we always hear the propaganda concerning Labour/socialists ruining the economy at election time – again the delusion of this propaganda does not bear inspection. Overt racists, typified by the Alf Garnett character, always voted Tory even if they were working-class because the Tories always had a few politicians who spoke the racist rhetoric that Alf deluded himself about. The real racism in the voting is that nice white people denied the truth that under the Tories acts of racism became worse, in other words anti-racism was not a voting factor for nice white people.

Brexit has also skewed this understanding as racism was used to promote the Brexit position. Within the Brexit debate there has been the white downgrading that has characterised the increased racism in society. However I don’t believe there has been a significant increase in the number of racists, just an increase in the number of overt racists. The WEGemony recognises the entrenched nature of racism, using this to develop the Enclaves. The white downgrading has only polarised rather than changed the proportions as those proportions are decided at birth – and are already part of white culture.

Kehinde, can you send metta to white men?

Kehinde, I suspect that phrase sounds limp to you, New Age crap or whatever. Or worse, let’s examine the worse. The racism that is so entrenched in these white people – not all white people – causes your people suffering. Whilst you have excess suffering white people have excess conditioning. The problem is that if you are a black man living in the UK, the conditioning of these white people directly impacts on your suffering. The 1% use this conditioning to create their profits in the UK and the suffering that you get as a black person. Somehow this connection between white conditioning and black suffering has to be broken, but the causality starts with the white conditioning; this has to be the point of contact that needs our awareness.

The connection of this conditioning is so important. My parents were part of the 8/9 of the iceberg under the surface. They never met black people, as a child I met only one. He was a school prop, always fighting, and I was scared of him. That was my assessment, I now know as a racist assessment. I am not surprised he was always fighting, he was probably called a nigger every minute of the day – one black student amongst a grammar school of 600 arrogant pricks. On one occasion I called him a nigger to his friend, and his friend started a fight with me. The black guy’s friend was a trouble-maker so I tried to avoid the fight (I was bigger). I was calm, a teacher intervened, I told him that the trouble-maker was looking for a fight, and the teacher failed to punish me for calling the black guy a nigger; I cannot recall but maybe the trouble-maker was punished.

My parents never met black people until I brought the “spook” home. My father had used race to irritate me before, the choir from the school I taught at were on the TV so he was quite happy to try to wind me up about “seeing my niggers on the telly”. This was more typical of family dynamics than because it was race. When they met the woman I loved, they were extremely awkward but tried to be polite, but my mother’s racism surprised me at the time – my mother was a compassionate woman. This was the iceberg, they were born that way, and they passed it on to me as conditioning but fortunately for me the path intervened. And to note here my lover's family welcomed the “honky” with open arms because they knew I loved her. For many reasons (not appropriate here) the relationship was traumatic and broke down after two years – nothing to do with my parents. Their racism caused me suffering personally – never directly to the black people involved in the relationship; but there was one plus, my parents never spoke of race again even when I was teaching in Africa. Just as a final note about how endemic the racism was, I came back to stay with them on a contract break, and a black family had moved in down the avenue (in the 90s). I particularly remembered the family because their daughter was stunning, when I returned on my next contract break they had gone. As of 2006 there were no black families in this avenue in a suburb of Manchester. But to each other the residents were nice white people only arguing politely about overgrown trees. If they were alive now my parents would probably have voted for Bojo’s enclave. That enclaved suburb of theirs continues to this day, nice white people being nice to each other voting for a racist society causing your people suffering.

Kehinde (who spoke with Russell), as you know the 1% are using white people to make their profits creating a white 1%-satrapy. The 1% use the conditioning process that nature gives us to help us survive – the survival instinct. This survival instinct attaches us to the ego of separation, attaches white people to the racism of their ancestry through our love for our parents so that once we step out of the protection of the family home we adopt the practices of our culture. Unless we happen to be fortunate enabling us to move beyond our conditioning.

We love our parents, identify with our culture through our ancestry but instead we need to love Mother Earth; embrace the five touchings:-

1. In gratitude, I bow to all generations of ancestors in my blood family.
2. In gratitude, I bow to all generations of ancestors in my spiritual family.
3. In gratitude, I bow to this land and all of the ancestors who made it available.
4. In gratitude and compassion, I bow down and transmit my energy to those I love.
5. In understanding and compassion, I bow down to reconcile myself with all those who have made me suffer.

As all adults need to do, white people need to move beyond the conditioning but this conditioning is just so strong. Following the path that is compassion is so difficult when it seems that all who are not white are attacking – as well there are the legitimate attacks on white males by aware women (not just white males). But as with all people what we are here for is to follow the path:-

But remember those who are attacking are attacking the conditioned and our conditioning, this is not who we are. That conditioning is causing the suffering but if we are following our paths as Mother Earth and our spiritual ancestors intended then our own suffering and your suffering will be ended. My compassion feels your suffering but I personally feel no suffering, and nor do I ever intend to cause suffering to black people, directly or indirectly.

The above understanding of racism since birth from parents has developed from my understanding of Thich Nhat Hanh’s book Reconciliation Healing the Inner Child. It became part of my inner work of Integrating Fragments through embracing the MAWP (Male Arrogant White Privileged) and Reconciling the Inner Child. I did not grow into racism because of living in a racist community, I was conditioned from birth with parental "genes" to be racist, and it was only by following my path and by becoming authentic that I overcame my conditioning. Because your suffering is connected to white conditioning, I ask you to help those white people who are trying to overcome their conditioning.

Kehinde, I began considering racism again after listening to your talk with Russell, revisiting my racism after my recent inner work has greatly helped my understanding. And it stresses for me the need for understanding the connections of the conditioning. Throughout the recent history of the last millennium, your people, Kehinde, have suffered at the hands of the 1%. This suffering has a causality whose source is in the 1%. 1% demand profits. For profits they need resources. To make the resources cheaper there was colonialism, then neo-colonialism, and now apartheid colonialism within the WEGemony. In terms of conditioning this worked by conditioning white people to accept the inferiority of black people during colonialism, now through to the changed conditioning that non-white people are worsening the standards of living of white people because “non-white people are forcing the 1% to take the jobs of white people away”. This apartheid mentality amongst whites within the WEGemony increases the suffering of non-white people typified by increased racist behaviour in the UK and elsewhere. Note this causality. There is a process of white downgrading through social media, and this increases the suffering of non-white peoples and possible backlashes leading to the human downgrading spoken of here. This white downgrading is enhanced by the apartheid puppets turning western democracies into clones of apartheid South Africa and apartheid Israel. Whilst you might not use such terms, all of this you understand far better than I because you have experienced the suffering.

It is quite correct, Kehinde, for you to blame white people and their privilege - even if there is an intention by the 1% to condition their racism. I would like to consider an aspect of the impact of your identity. It is an identity that as an example legitimately describes white psychosis; how does the WEGemony react? It circles the waggons, the enclave corrals. Those white people in the WEGemony react emotionally to the identity attacks and do not listen - denial. The white men hear similar legitimate attacks from some aware women and respond with equal ignorance. The only people who win are the 1% who have then ensured stability of their apartheid satrapy. Am I asking that you end descriptions such as white psychosis? Certainly not, but identity politics is the current strategy of the 1% and it is working well for them. I have no right or desire to advise on how you approach identity, but I note that the 1% have appropriated identity for their own accumulation.

Kehinde, when you go back to black, to your roots in Africa, where are you going? Where are the roots of Africa but in Mother Earth. Kehinde, touch the earth:-

1. In gratitude, I bow to all generations of ancestors in my blood family.
2. In gratitude, I bow to all generations of ancestors in my spiritual family.
3. In gratitude, I bow to this land and all of the ancestors who made it available.
4. In gratitude and compassion, I bow down and transmit my energy to those I love.
5. In understanding and compassion, I bow down to reconcile myself with all those who have made me suffer.

Your suffering brings you closer to the Mother but the black diaspora has been dispossessed as have white people. Why were Africans made slaves? Because they were of the land, Africa, Mother Earth. Go back through your black ancestry to Mother Earth, and Mother Earth is the source of the path of all peoples. See through your suffering Kehinde. Go back through your black ancestry to Mother Earth, and join all peoples in Mother Earth. And help all people whose journey is back to Mother Earth, support all people who are following their paths.

Maybe it is difficult to accept the causality of white conditioning and black suffering, and it is understandable for people to identify with their suffering. But when people identify with their pain and suffering they are not letting it go. How much of black identity is a fragment needing to be personally integrated? Is the heartbeat of identity politics a suffering fragment? I am always amazed at how well black people cope with the suffering, but doesn’t suffering in whatever form fragments take need to be personally integrated and let go?

Kehinde you choose the revolutionary love of a global black nation, however much of a delusion you recognise that is. Love and compassion means letting go of suffering for all. My observation recognises that there is war over white men, a war that compassion is losing, a war that has created WEGemony, and as such a war that is continuing the suffering of black people. This war is for the minds of white people, and having conditioned those minds the 1% continue to exploit and oppress.

White people have lost their roots, their connection to Mother Earth, has the black diaspora lost that connection as well? If black intellectuals of the diaspora react to their suffering by not promoting the Earth, then is there a return to their real roots? Indigenous peoples call for Mother Earth, it is the path of Mother Earth that can bring Unity; we are all her identity. Let us all follow our paths that are beyond conditioning and end suffering.

What are the implications of this spiritual law in racism for the activist? Does it change how we approach anti-racism? In many ways it does. It moves the anti-racist away from those still clinging to the information model. Anti-racism is not simply an intellectual exercise leading to awareness that racism is wrong, anti-racism has to be recognised as a cultural problem in which the racists have been conditioned since birth. Since the 60s the approach towards anti-racism (as I recall - I use these words as I have not been active in anti-racist training since 1990) could be seen in two ways - the education of cultural awareness and liberalisation with censorship. The emergence of the populist right and the WEGemony, as exemplified by the finance that has led to Trump, Bojo and Scomo, shows how easy it has been to raise the spectre of racism again. The mainstream educational liberal models censored public expressions of racism but did nothing to eradicate racism at its roots. This is primarily because racism was seen as nurtured, white people growing up and becoming racist because of white society. But the nurture is not the source, the source is parents. From birth the racist is already a racist because they have the characteristics of racist parents.

The cultural awareness training of anti-racism showed how endemic racism was in all aspects of the culture and its institutions, but again this tacitly assumed a nurture model. This colonialism within Britain training could show how widespread the problem is, could help explain to the sympathetic why racism is so pervasive even when it was liberally-censored, but it never addressed the fact of conditioning from birth and the spiritual law of being our parents.

Let us examine conditioning in this context. Conditioning has two components. Firstly there is the natural conditioning in which humans need to survive, initially using instinct they develop and condition egos in order to achieve that. The natural process of maturing as an adult ought to mean that we become aware of this conditioning and let it go. But most people fail to recognise this. I see that as being because the 1%-satrapy reinforces the conditioning for its own benefits - increasing their accumulation. For the conditioned 1%, perpetuation of conditioning is to their benefit.

In the first of these conditionings - the instinctual conditioning, we love our parents, we cling to survival through them. This helps us take on our parents' characteristics including racism through love, by the time we attend school much of that conditioning is complete, and liberal education can have little impact other than censorship. However I have to note here that teachers are subject to the same spiritual law on parents, so how racist are the teachers delivering a liberal curriculum?

The second conditioning of the 1%-satrapy, what I refer to as societal conditioning, reinforces the instinctual conditioning of the racist leading currently to what I have described as WEGemony. These two conditionings ensure the perpetuation of racism through generations especially as finance has targeted such conditioning through human downgrading and other approaches.

How do we overcome conditioning? By following our paths; so one activism that can cope with this racist conditioning is pathtivism. By following our paths we let go of the egoic conditioning of racism and move beyond it. It is the path that can be our innate compassion and so undermine the parental blueprinting.

Methods that are not pathtivism (or about finding paths) can make inroads into the conditioning but these inroads are often limited to the intellectual. When does racism awareness go beyond the intellectual? Through insight, and insight is part of the path:-

Anti-racist training (as I recall it) can produce such insight but more often than not such training is given to intellectuals, and their response is intellectual. Insight goes through the intellect connecting to deep wisdom and compassion that is beyond conditioning. But anti-racist trainers can seek such insight, can even call for such insight, an insight that recognises the level of conditioning including the parental blueprint.

This racist conditioning is not separate from instinctual conditioning, and whilst there is a contrived element within the societal conditioning, the purpose is not to create racism. Racism helps the 1% with their accumulation, so whilst for you, Kehinde, the objective is to end the suffering of your people it is in a sense a by-product of instinctive survival and 1%-accumulation.

For me pathtivism is the best way of dealing with this because it prevents any egos from forming, any conditioning from arising. Can we have people with anti-racist insight but other conditioning? Of course. But if such people are not following paths whilst having anti-racist insight, there is an imbalance that continually sucks people into conditioning - that might include the racist conditioning. Once we live in compassion there is no going back.

The implications of the recognition of this spiritual law is that racism is deeply embedded in the conditioned psyche of the racist. Soft-hearted liberal programmes have failed because they do not recognise the depth of racism in the individual. Insight can break through the psyche but if it is not accompanied by a search for the path, then that isolated insight can get sucked back into the depth of racism that comes from the parental blueprint and the ensuing conditioning. Follow your path - should anti-racist trainers be pathtivists?

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