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I have just discovered that a Trump personality cult is called Q Anon - Qult, and they have a movie "Out of the Shadows". A facebook friend who said she had been in a cult describes this Q Anon as a cult, I can't know that but it does have a number of weaknesses or inconsistencies that I wish to investigate.

One of the themes of this blogpost is transparency, and I mean transparency-across-the-board; this fits in with another blogpost theme – complete enquiry both personal and political. This Qult fails to be transparent about its “leader” – Trump himself, for those not in the Qult this requires no explanation. If there is any Qult member needing to question Trump’s integrity there are much more detailed sources than I. However for a Qult follower all is fake news except for the Qult; there cannot be transparency if all is fake except the Qult – a fundamental rationale of any cult I understand. Qult members need to develop enquiry.

Trump is the president therefore there needs to be some political understanding or framework in which to understand this Qult. Let’s begin with a socio-political framework. We live in a 1%-satrapy, this is an economic and socio-political system that is run to enable the 1% to increase their profits. Let’s look at a 1%-satrapy. It wants to increase 1%-accumulation yet if it was a publicly-acknowledged corporatocracy people would resist the 1%. So the 1%-satrapy does not want recognition; the 1% need to deflect.

For a minority of 1% to remain in control the 99% must be divided. An important way the 1%-satrapy divides the 99% is through the electoral political system of which at the moment in the US the Qult is integral. Logically 99% should defeat 1%, that can only happen if the 99% remain united and do not recognise how they are being manipulated by the 1%-satrapy.

The electoral political system is controlled by the 1%-satrapy to ensure that they can continue with their accumulation. They hide behind apparent government control, the 1% want deregulation in order to increase their profits through resource exploitation of a planet, whatever the damage to the planet and the future risk to humanity.

Let us examine the Qult’s role in this. Firstly, is Trump a puppet? Now his image is not to present himself as a puppet yet he does the bidding of the 1%. In the tax stimulus package huge amounts of money went to the 1%, far more than went to ordinary people; and in the Coronavirus bailout, most of the money went to the 1%. Did he give vast amounts of money to the Qult?

Now let us examine Trump’s demographic base. In the election the rich voted for him, and though these packages and the deregulation he is delivering for them. So where does the Qult come in? Building up the Qult ensures electoral victory. The 1% will always benefit from a Republican government with its deregulation, but if the exploitation of the 99% becomes apparent then the 99% will unite and vote the Trump-puppet out. So there is investment in the Qult in a number of ways. The image of the Qult-follower is not wealth so where does the money come from to make films such as “Out of the Shadows”? Filtered down from the 1%.

Long before now the Qult will have been screaming but what about the corrupt Democrats? And to be transparent this fair deflection has some merit. There needs to be transparency and complete enquiry so we must examine the Democrats. Now I have said above that the electoral system is controlled by the 1%, the electoral system is part of the 1%-satrapy. It is this control that the Qult does not examine because the Qult is concerned with a political cult, a Republican president. The Qult wants to blame the Democrats.

Much of the divisive aspect of the 1%-satrapy is carried out within the Democrats. It is not natural for the Qult to be aligned with the Rupublicans – to be discussed later, but it is natural for the 1% to be seen allied with Republicans and the 99% to be seen allied to the Democrats, the US is a democracy – 100% suffrage supposedly. So there is a necessity for the 1% to control the Democrats – to keep them divided. This is primarily done through investment in the Democrat establishment. By the establishment I do not mean the candidates but the party machinery, the people who are employed by the Democratic party. Through this investment the party machinery knows that whether Democrats win or lose, they will be employed. At the same time through PACs and other mechanisms the 1% invest in those candidates who will put forward policies that will not hurt their profits. The machinery and the investment supports the more right-wing candidate (described as centrist) bringing us Hillary and Joe Biden, for the 1% and their puppets Bernie is persona non grata with profit-losing policies like Universal Health Care.

Now the Qult see such divisions but they are guided to perceive the Democrats as one, whereas amongst the people Hillary and Biden are almost as bad as Trump; all three are part of the 1%-satrapy. The 1% also invest in liberalism as a means of defeating socialism - the policy that represents the 99%. Liberalism focusses on identity. Through identity the 99% are divided into the different identities enabling divisive tactics that say this group is financed more than another.

But more importantly, with financing liberalism there is a legitimate campaign against the patriarchy, and this benefits the 1% because it isolates white men, the core of the Qult. We have already established that the Qult support for Trump is emotional because it is not open to transparent logic. But Trump is white, racist white, and the Qult is racist. And the more the patriarchy is attacked the more defensive and racist these men become. These men are attacked because they are racist and they are attacked because they are white and privileged members of the patriarchy. With such ongoing attacks from 1%-funded Liberals the Qult base will grow and grow. It will never be majority but the natural Republican base of 1% and the middle-classes they pay for plus the Qult will be enough to win Trump an election.

This anti-liberal position is essential for establishing the Qult. It is not only Trump that they support it is his anti-Liberal agenda, his racism and sexism; these white men can then be divided off the 99%. Jobs for these men is essential and up until Covid Trump provided that because his backers gave them the jobs. It is employers who choose who to employ, the 1% choose, blacks and latins can’t come in and tell the employers who to employ. And remember it is white people giving these people jobs, people don’t come to the US with no prospects. They come to the US because they know white people will employ them because they are cheaper – what is the proportion of non-white staff at Mar-a-Lago? A convenient fact ignored by Qult, why isn’t Trump employing white people?

So the Qult being there benefits the 1% and this is why they are funded. At present the Qult bolster the 1%-satrapy whose main US puppet is Trump. So let’s get to “Out of the Shadows”. To me it starts well by asking for complete enquiry, not to believe in our conditioning. And it asks a very good question, what is fake news? I try to believe nothing so when watching any movie including this one I ask questions.

Does entertainment contain propaganda? Of course it does, you don’t need to look beyond war films. Does Hollywood promote a US empire? Of course it does. Just because the Qult says it is true does not make it untrue. Does the Pentagon control how the US military and CIA are portrayed? Of course, this has always been accepted by the Left. I see Liberals defending the media but I don’t know why. Mainstream media, MSM, is a term long used by the Left. Propaganda is accepted so the issue is not that there is propaganda but who it benefits.

To understand this we need to go back to the term 1%-satrapy. Who makes the profits in Hollywood – the 1% MSM. No matter what is portrayed in the movies the 1% makes profits. Who are the puppets? The government. Who benefits from the propaganda? The government. The MSM of Hollywood are 1% protecting their interests by promoting propaganda. But MSM profit from all propaganda – left and right, what they are interested in is profits.

Is there a Hollywood Elite? Yes, they are 1%. Are they anti-Trump? Yes if it sells. Are they anti or pro Deep State? Either, if it sells. Do they use their money to protect themselves? Yes. Does the 1% in the oil industry use their money to protect themselves? Yes. Is there one rule for the rich and one for the poor? Yes. Is it fair? No. Has there been a longstanding cover-up within the Hollywood Elite? Yes. #MeToo has shown that. Is there paedophilia? Maybe so. Is that heinous? Yes. Should there be transparency and complete enquiry? Yes. There should be no sides in transparency, the transparency needs to apply to all. On the Left there have long been calls for transparency on the right, equally there should be transparency amongst the Hollywood Elite and any Democrat or Republican who has supported such 1%. But there needs to be transparency-across-the-board.

But are the accusations concerning the Democrats founded? Maybe. Could such accusations be made against the Republicans? I think so, they always used to be. But the Republicans have invested in muddying the waters, perhaps attacking Democrats as a smoke-screen. No matter - transparency-across-the-board. The problem is that the whole political system is corrupt because of 1% power and influence, if the corruption is played out in the corridors of political power (government) they are happy, they will pay off their puppets. Where will you find the judges when the judicial system is manipulated? 1% power and influence.

The 1% control the level of judicial involvement based on their power and influence, there can never be transparency-across-the board. Corruption investigations just become a ludicrous partisan tool because there is no justice for the rich. Jeffrey Epstein was 1%; he knew a great deal. Was he silenced? Who knows? Does Harvey Weinstein still have his fortune? This is 1%-justice, neither Republican nor Democrat. It is not a partisan issue but a 99% issue.

If government is controlled by the 1%-satrapy then the 1% will also control the Deep State. Here Yanis Varoufakis defines the Deep State as defending 1% interests:-

CIA protects government who are protecting the 1%, FBI protects government who are protecting the 1%, military protect government who are protecting 1%, and the judiciary, police and courts protect the government who are protecting the 1%. This is Deep State under the power and influence of the 1%.

Does the Deep State have too much power? Yes. Can we control this? No, because it is 1%-controlled. And the 1% would prefer global corporate control ie to get rid of governments, UN etc. But the Qult start with Trump and dismiss this analysis.

Let us look at the character of Qultists. How much time do they have to study and question? They are working people, earning a living – just wanting to earn a living. How much have they done to sharpen their minds, to develop discernment, to develop faculties that eschew fake news? Where do most people get such faculties? Some would argue education but along with the Qultists I recognise that a significant component of mainstream education is indoctrination. But we differ over this. I see mainstream education reinforcing the 1%-satrapy including wage-slavery yet all the Qult appear to want is to be wage-slaves – get some money at the front of the queue before non-whites.

What aspect of the ego is active when considering conspiracy? The know-it-all ego, the better-than-you ego. My conspiracy is better than yours, I know more than you because of the conspiracy I know. The 1% use this egoic trait promoting egos by offering dubious but sensational theories and creating further division in the 99%. Sadly I have seen this delusion on the left as well.

But some educated develop discernment and develop a fake news sense – as do some non-educated. A typical Qultist has some knowledge – typically the contents of this film, and they accept this knowledge as being the only truth. The Qult identifies itself as being the only source of truth, and rejects those who do not believe this truth. This, I understand, is a general characteristic of a cult, the Qult rejects that which is not Qult because they know better. They demand complete enquiry of others but not of themselves. The Qult accepts Trump’s definition of Fake News. The evidence they use is anecdotal and is not based on personal experience; they hear talk of Hollywood Elite and Deep State but do they know this personally?

I do not have personal experience of the Qult but right-wing idealists are not new. I fear their violence. This violence is near the surface in these people, if the veneer of shallow argument is ruffled they do not respond with learning but perceive threat. And their response to a threat is often a fist. At best they become flustered and go away, but often it is just the fist. Violence is never acceptable – and I include factions of antifa. Violence is the language of the far right and the language of war for profits; non-violent resistance is required despite provocation. The Qult are near white supremacy, and white supremacy calls for violence. We are at risk of violence from the shallow veneer, and the violence rubbing off from the white supremacists. Be careful.

Now the Qult is specifically US revolving around the Trump-puppet, but the movement to the populist right is spreading throughout the hegemony and its allies. Wealth has always supported the right but has recognised that they cannot persuade the whole of their own populations to stay in power. Wealth always votes with a vested interest for the right-wing party but as in the US this is not electorally enough. So there has been an increase in populist racism. White men have been targetted for their privilege by anti-racists and those anti-patriarchy. Recognising these attacks the 1% have encouraged an enclave mentality amongst these men through human downgrading in social media typified by “Out of the Shadows”. There is now a trend of White Enclave Governments – Trump, Bojo and Scomo, I call this WEGemony and have discussed it here. The character of these white men is not pleasant but as the 99% we need to work on unity. Send metta to these white men because they are under attack from anti-racists and the anti-patriarchy but worse this attack is being manipulated by the 1% who are conditioning these men into an enclave mentality. If we can please help them, we need to unite the 99%.

I do not personally know of the Deep State, Hollywood Elite and whatever conspiracy so I question. I recognise that the 1% including Hollywood Elite are rich and powerful. I use analysis to see that their wealth power and influence could create the system we are in. Will there be justice against the 1%? No. Are politicians in control? By observation I see they are not. Is Bernie and socialism in control? No. Are Liberals in control? How can they be, they have no money. Maybe the 1% give some Liberals money so who is in control? The money.

I am sorry Qult but I look at trust and I cannot trust Trump. When I measure a person I consider moral integrity, to me Trump does not have this. Neither do Hillary nor Biden. I trust Bernie through assessing his moral integrity. Personal judgement, wrong? Maybe. But Qult I cannot trust Trump. Qult, how do you trust him?

And finally there is compassion. I trust individuals by moral integrity, and measure socio/economic/political systems by compassion, and by compassion I mean freedom from suffering for all. Qult, do you offer that? Can Biden offer that? No. Can Bernie offer that? Not likely, he would meet too much resistance from the 1% and the people they control. But I seek compassion.

Qult, start asking questions.

Postscript:- On fb I recently posted a fear I had concerning Trump and his possible encouragement of white supremacist militias to come on the street to fight the protesters. This is his Qult. One of the many MAWPs here commented "Next War", and I was so frustrated. This MAWP idiot is fundamentally the cause of this violence, not true - but he is one of the many pawns that give the crazies credibility. These selfish white men look at what is happening as a vindication that black people are inferior and therefore Trump is right; certainly this nasty creator of violence feels vindicated. The point of my anger and frustration is that it is because of MAWPs like this idiot that the violence is happening. Whilst he would never want to pick up a gun, he would be very quick to blame black people. This is a white man who is retired and used to own his own building business. He is particularly difficult to negotiate because like many of these MAWPs their offensive views are kept for each other. This man was a neighbour, and we had many discussions in which he was basically dishonest. I stopped talking when he commented in fb that he was a Trump supporter, I had warned him against the lies that propogate on fb as right-wing opinion but he was ashamed of believing this and was incapable of sharing his views because I would have exposed their weakness. His arrogance meant he had to always be right so he was unwilling to discuss thee conspiracy views. This is a conspiracy fool who was predicting the end of the world in 2012, but in 2013 did not have sufficient self-reflection to see how much his arrogance contributed to the lies he believed. He now doesn't see how much his arrogance is contributing to the current violence, without people like him Trump and the white supremacists would not exist. There is a temptation to blame fb but he is slightly older than me and I have met such ignorant views all my life. fb is just more easily manipulated by finanace as it is a private company interested in profits, and whatever is watched provides profits.

When I received this arrogant "I told you so" Next War, I was so angry and frustrated. It is like him saying "I am so arrogant I listen to these warmongers sponsored by the 1% convincing me with their propaganda I have created the scenario where it is coming true. And I am so arrogant because I am so clever it is my intelligence that says I saw this before others." He saw it because he was creating it the stupid arrogant fool.

And these are the people I say "send metta to white men". I still say that but it is so difficult with these fools.

Whilst this man is so ignorant and yet arrogant at the same time, he is not a nasty man. He was helpful to his neighbour as I was to him; but his neighbour was white. He is racist towards Thais but lives here and sleeps with them. He is racist to Muslims but is OK with Thai Muslims - no different to Thais (and in many ways that is of course true). This is not a man you wouldn't want as a neighbour but it is his ignorance and the ignorance of people like him who are being used to create the nasty divisive western world that is the WEGemony.

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