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Wight v Woke

Meditation led me to Zblog today – Zandtao political blog; instead of getting into the Viveka-Zandtao I am frustrated about world politics - this blog can maybe unblock me and let me carry on.

Are we all being sucked blindly into a race war? The MAWPs I know talk of a race war, meanwhile the woke shill and are now cheering for an old white man who will just reinforce imperialism .... but more nicely. I prefer the niceness, I hated the lack of compassion and decency that was the promotion of bigotry that is wight (white-right) litany. But for what really matters I agree with Caitlin Johnstone:-

I would prefer the words imperialism or capitalism in this meme, but fascism says it. Joe Biden will also not stop the race war of wight v woke because he is a puppet of those creating the conflict.

Both wight and woke are being conditioned into taking us into potential conflict. The wight appear the obvious protagonists with their militias, Q-Anon, huge conspiracies about anything except the 1%, irrational political stances such as anti-masks, and maniacal support for an immoral demagogue (Trump in case you cannot work it out?). But as usual the woke are stoking the engines with their myopic self-righteous ignorance.

There is absolutely no point screaming at the wight with all the intellectual analysis you want, the wight are losing their jobs, they cannot look after their families, so anyone who offers them a solution is being supported. Maybe old white Joe will give them some respite for a while but the wights will be under continuous woke attacks from now on; wight v woke – divide-and-rule colonialism.

Racism has always been as a consequence of the system (imperialism, colonialism or neo-colonialism). Mostly the metropole has laughed as Hindus and Muslims have been played off over Kashmir, how tribe was played against tribe in Africa – how stupid are these ignorant 3rd-worlders to fall for divide-and-rule colonialism has been the liberal rhetoric. It’s simple just be united, and when the unity doesn’t happen the liberals throw up their arms on their couches (bean bags?) and go back to their herbal teas – is it avocado toast now? I don’t live amongst them any more so I don’t know.

History gives us lessons, and my specific historical knowledge is British (imperialism and colonialism). I go back to a significant time for the wight – the Reagan-Thatcher era. It was the coal strike and Thatcher had the police backing the closing of mines against the interests of ordinary working people. The intellectual left had pushed the miners into an illegal strike so many liberals used that as an excuse not to participate – not seeing the strike as an attack on the class (99%) - on themselves, and the end of the strike was the symbolic end of the manufacturing sector. Mining towns across the North were decimated, and communities were ditched. Soon after Mr Woke came in, and the Blair era cemented the end of manufacturing jobs. Started by Thatcher there became finance, service and no manufacturing; how could there be manufacturing jobs, the 1% made more profits using automation. As puppets Thatcher and then Blair made sure that the 1% could make these profits through automation; under orders Thatcher then Blair stuck it to the wight.

The issue of Europe had divided the Tories in the 90s letting in Blair and the Liberals (Liberals later morphed into the woke). But by the time of the 2008 crash and Occupy, the 1% had recognised there was a need for a changing style of government – WEGemony – a wight government. WEGemony is a white enclave government, a government voted for by the affluent and the pseudo-affluent (those who align themselves with ownership) and wight – disillusioned white people who used to have manufacturing jobs politically conditioned into moving to the right. In the UK this was achieved by Cameron pretending there was a demand for a European referendum, as in the 90s (where US money split the Tories) it was US money buying into UK right-wing politics to create what is now Bojo’s WEGemony – watch as Bojo’s Brexit and his descendants sells the UK to the US starting with the NHS.

Now in the UK we have a government totally distanced from the people – a basic WEGemony – letting the people die of Covid because it is cheaper.

What did the woke nee Liberals do whilst this was happening? Shill – moan. They complained about the racism, they complained about the rise of the wight. And where did they complain from? Their homes and offices, they had jobs. Money that was once being used to stimulate the manufacturing sector – wight jobs, was now being used to stimulate woke jobs. I am going to leave that statement there – stimulate woke jobs - for the simple reason that being an exile I don’t know how this stimulus package worked; I can only see the results. What do I see? Woke people clinging to their jobs at any cost shilling together to justify their survival doing nothing about the changing environment that gives them jobs whilst the wight have none. The woke have jobs, the wight have none. Of course the wight are wrong to become more racist, of course they are wrong to buy into Farage - and even bring over some Q-Anon rubbish; but they are looking for anything to feed their families re-establish their communities. And the woke stand by with their judgementalism, thanking God or whoever that they have a home and money.

But the woke don’t thank the real provider of their comfort – the 1%. The 1% have channelled their investment away from manufacturing into the woke sector, the woke get jobs, the woke slam the wight, the wight become more frustrated and angry because these woke bureaucrats will not be giving them jobs. And the wight go further right voting in Bojo who will just sell off the UK to the US whilst feathering his own nest.

From the outside these wight and woke are as divided as any Hindus and Muslims, as any tribes in Africa, and from the outside it is just as senseless. Wight and woke are being played by the 1% – now creating a WEGemony in UK government. Since 2008 as the battle between wight and woke has entrenched, the 1% have increased their profits, the gap between rich and poor has widened. The amount of money the 1% are letting go for jobs has lessened because they know the wight will blame the woke and refugees (blacks or Asians) for having less jobs, no wonder there is a growing struggle between wight and woke – the 1% have taken our money. The problem can never be resolved between wight and woke, there can never be enough money for the ordinary people until the 1% are stopped from withdrawing their huge unacceptable fortunes. There can only ever be one political solution – recognising that the 1% manipulate the situation to increase their accumulation. No matter how the 99% are divided, no matter which right-wing opportunist scumbags come along – Bojo, Cameron, Farage, no matter which liberal scumbag puppets come along – Blair, Starmer, the people will never get what is theirs whilst the 1% are there taking their accumulation. Historically in the UK we were serfs, and the 1% were Kings. Now the Kings are bank and finance-ownership, wights and wokes fight each other, there is not enough work, and we continue to be exploited.

Politically there can only ever be one way out – end the system that enables 1%-accumulation.

But that is easier said than done. Until we have that system change, the legitimate political struggle requires compassion not greed. Every identity is fighting for their bit of the minimal cake the 1% have let us have. Whites, women, blacks, Asians, refugees, LGBTQ, all put forward claims for this limited cake, they all have some justification but none will ever be happy because the money is always taken by 1%-accumulation first. So they fight each other.

Understand that wight and woke are conditioned by the 1% to fight each other. Unite against the 1%, and show compassion for each other – we all have the same enemy.

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