Tour of Zandtao

Primarily there are two main areas on the website – Zandtaomed and Wai Zandtao with an additional area for Matriellez.


Wai Zandtao


Zandtao meditation

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Let’s start with Zandtaomed:-

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On the top row there are two button links, – describing how to start Zandtao meditation with me, and – this opens a page which gives a list of the different advice I have given as Zandtaomed.

The next row is a title row for the pathtivist trilogy, click and there is a page explaining the contents of the trilogy. In the pale blue area are the 3 books of the trilogy – Treatise, Manual and Companion. Briefly I started with the Treatise which looks at the path in my life, then with the Manual I began to look at the benefits of following the path in activism and concluded in the second part that following the path is the “best activism” – and I coined pathtivism. With meditation there is the method for following the path. Zandtaomed follows Buddhadasa’s “Mindfulness with Breathing” and when issues arose I wrote the Companion book to MwB. These 3 books are the .

Then I began to investigate solitude – viveka, and wrote the long book An examination of solitude in my life about solitude and where it led.

On 8/11/21 I began work on A Z-quest into path and shadow looking at shadow especially with regards to spiritual bypassing and spiritual narcissism calling it a Z-quest into path and shadow.

A Guide through Zandtaomed

For me Zandtao is about following the path. There are many teachings about following the path but a seeker wants to know about the teacher - hence the pathtivist trilogy. The Treatise is how I experienced the path - perhaps you can relate to some of the things that happened to me. I wrote the Manual for activists - how important the path was for activism, and in the second part I went further inwards eventually concluding that the activism that mattered was following the path and conscious action follows from the path. For me meditation is the best way of reconnecting with your path, and I began teaching meditation as Zandtaomed using MwB writing the Companion to help this. And then I began work on the importance of solitude as Viveka-Zandtao. Meanwhile through Zandtaomed and otherwise issues arose that I wrote advice about.

If you are here just about meditation then go to . If you are investigating Zandtao start with the Treatise. If you are looking for specific advice check . Or there are endless blogs to look at

On the right of the Zandtao homepage is Wai Zandtao – my science-fiction writing:-

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Clicking opens a page with links to scifi stories. Each button , , , part 1 and part 2 , opens to the beginning of a story.

At the bottom of the page is Matriellez with my first retirement book about education:-

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You can read the book , look at the Matriellez website, or look at some education blogs.

At the top and bottom of the page are a row of buttons, I have explained all except bloggon.gif.

If you click on this , there is a page describing my current blogs zandtaomed advice , Zandtao, mandtao and matriellez. As well on the page are links to previous blogs as far back as 2008 with some explanation.

Any new writing I always send a tweet @BillZTw – For details on new writing or blogs follow me on twitter.