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How are you reading this? If you have come here by accident step back to Zandtaomed on my main page. On this main page you will find what I as Zandtaomed teach. What I teach is MwB, atammayata, complete disenchantment with daily life yet complete engagement with daily life. This can be found in the Pathtivist trilogy, and the investigation into solitude of Viveka-Zandtao. This is what I teach, and if I can say this is what I will always teach - for now .

There has been a deep clarification that has led to a demarcation – the end of Viveka-Zandtao and the beginning of Prajna-Zandtao, this demarcation I will describe as crossing the threshold and there are dangers incrossing this threshold - hence my warning above to go back to Zandtaomed. Let me describe how this demarcation arose with this description sufficing as the intro to Prajna-Zandtao. At the same time there will be little more than an intro at the moment. Whilst I have done significant work that would come under the Prajna-Zandtao umbrella, there is now a need to finalise Viveka-Zandtao, and this clarification might well lead to the end of Wai Zandtao’s Mokeroha and the foreseebal end to Kolok.

So how did this clarification arise? I began working on Thich Nhat Hanh’s “Awakening the Heart”, and in the study felt there would arise in Viveka-Zandtao another section on Heart. It’s a long book, and with the early stuff on 4 foundations of mindfulness I was able to add to my work on Buddhdasa's MwB and Companion – reflected in Appendix C here.

Much of that was “not new”, but when I began work on prajna-paramita that was “new”. Throughout Viveka-Zandtao I have described Buddhadasa as my teacher so for Thay to take me into these Mahayana sutras was different. In Appendix A I will discuss my position on the texts in general, but my guide is myself – how did I respond? To begin with there was improvement but there was also doubts over issues of bypassing and engagement; eventually these doubts were clarified leading to the arbitrary demarcation between Viveka-Zandtao and Prajna-Zandtao that led to this book (if it ever gets written ).

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