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Prajna Z-Quest - Real Love

Of Spiritual Love and Path

With Sharon Salzberg

  Ch 1 Why Art of Mindful Connection

Art of Mindful Connection

  Ch 2 Art of Mindful Connection - Transition

  Ch 3 Art of Mindful Connection - Wellness and the Best Vihara

  Ch 4 Art of Mindful Connection - Romantic Love

  Ch 5 Art of Mindful Connection - 4 Brahma-Vihara meditations

With bell hooks and the loveless patriarchy

  Ch 6 Intro to bell hooks' Visions

  Ch 7 Free the Family

  Ch 8 Maintaining Love

  Ch 9 Extending Love to Community

  Ch 10 Relationship and Love

  Ch 11 Conduct of Love is Siladhamma

  Ch 12 Of rage, tathata and leadership

  Ch 13 Of life, love and path

Appendix A -

Appendix B - Amandla Stenberg - My Authenticity is My Activism

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