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I write this with no enthusiasm – just shame. It is one of those blogs I write because my mind is full of contents and emptying these contents is necessary. The brahma-viharas (b-v) are full. I feel compassion, metta and muditta for the comrades in the struggle uprising. Whether these comrades are black, class comrades in struggle, or young liberals showing their emotion, my support goes out to you. Your uprising is full of compassion, and I totally support it. But I stop short if you call for revolution. Whilst your uprising ought to be a class struggle the 99% are not behind your uprising, far too many white people are fearful of the created menace and do not support their comrades in the uprising. Any call for revolution will just be met with violence and good comrades will die. But I support the uprising.

However that support has no great enthusiasm on my part because of tathata - the way things are; upekkha – equanimity (the 4th b-v). What is going to happen? Delusion tells me the 1% feels shame at their exploitation of black people, or the 99% develop an upswelling of compassion for the black struggle, and the 1% direct their puppets to disband the police from the top down. They will employ community leaders in charge of the police, and re-employ the police force based on community and egalitarian standards. The 1% will direct the system to stop supporting their accumulation so that the police are not enforcing a legal system that oppresses black people. But this is all delusion, the 1% will not say this and not enough white people will change.

Townshipping is a coined word to describe what is happening to the ghettoes in the US – they are being turned into townships. Amongst the characteristics of a township are 2 keypoints, they provide cheap labour for the 1% and they provide fear and created menace for the propaganda machine. The first the loony right refuse to address, the purpose of the township is to provide a cheap workforce. When the loony right says they are taking our jobs, they refuse to look at the employers – the 1%, mostly white, choose who work for them; if the loony compassionless did focus on the 1% the right would lose all their propaganda funding. It is the 1% employing cheap workers, and the 1% are not black or Hispanic or Native American. The 1% say come to the US and we will give you more money than you will get in your own country. At the same time the 1% creates instability by investing in the white supremacy that attacks these people. With this two-pronged invested instability there are townships that inspire fear and menace, and this fear of the menace means that white people vote for the White Enclave Governments of the WEGemony. The 1% don’t pay taxes so the police who contain the fear and created menace within the townships are paid for by working people who are majority white.

And that is my shame I am white, and I grew up in a white neighbourhood whose people were full of the fear and created menace and supported the government and police tactics of the time. Now the oppression has changed for the worse, but this community still support a government and police who do not treat minorities as equal.

I have some sympathy for the police as an institution. Civilised societies require law and order, and the delusion of the police is that they are providing law and order for society. The reality is that the law is setup to protect the 1%, the law is setup to protect their property at the expense of ordinary people yet taxes are paid by the ordinary people and are used to protect the wealthy. Some of the laws also protect ordinary people, and it is these laws that are used to delude the police that they are protecting their own communities.

In terms of the black community I have no sympathy for the police even though the police oppression of black people arises from the same delusion of law and order. The ghettoes that have now become townships have been intentionally underfunded; there is no intention to make the townships safe places to live. The choice for people living in these communities are low-paid jobs or crime, and the crime has some glamour attached to it for the short lifespan. Whilst the crime is turned in on the township the police are not concerned, their job is to contain the township and protect the 1%. As many of the police employed are racists their delusions are fostered by the police system. Through delusions almost all crime is supposedly committed by black people, and to protect white people their racism enforces the townships. They maintain the image of fear and created menace that enables the WEGemony to continue.

In terms of class struggle I am deeply annoyed at the police unions who are correctly being targeted. Police unions (in the UK police federation) are not members of the class struggle but they should still be doing far more to rectify the problem. Police are the frontline of 1%-protection, and union strategies should reflect that. Members should be protected and not offered up as sacrificial lambs of an oppressive police state, this means a police union should support the defence of Derek Chauvin even though he is a criminal. But Derek should have been expelled from a police union based on a professional code of conduct, and that means the police should have told him he was not fit to be an officer. As a teacher my union always fought for members even when it was not appropriate, they had a quality professional code of conduct that they failed to enforce, and the conduct that brought the members into conflict with the authority should have meant exclusion from the union. Police unions need an accountable professional code of conduct, then the police force would not have some racist thugs. I suspect there are mechanisms in place that would prevent police comrades from enforcing a professional code of conduct. There might only be bad apples but the system is corrupt encouraging those bad apples both within the union and without.

I have never lived in the US and I have no grasp of what it is like on the ground there. What I observe is that the current Trump government is managing the uprising with oppression, and is offering no governmental change. This is a tactic that will enhance support from the racists thus guaranteeing their votes in November. Biden offers minimal reforms. Whether the reforms come from state rulings that Trump can dissociate from or whether they come from token Biden reforms, in the end the uprising will become a memory.

There are other memories of uprisings. In the US there was the civil rights movement that brought up actors such as MLK, Malcolm X, and black panthers. Out of this movement there grew a significant black middle-class but there still remained the ghettoes. With the increased racism associated with the WEGemony I don’t know how it will pan out, but there aren’t sufficient compassionate forces to affect the 1%-satrapy. Will a new balance be found with an increased middle-class this time? For certain there will be no class change, no systemic change, and black people will remain oppressed along with Native Americans and other minorities. But the struggle will need to continue.

My heart goes out to these black people, they have been long-suffering in the racist societies that are becoming WEGemonies. I have deeply-personal knowledge of the way systemic racism ruins lives, and it is this knowledge that makes my shame feel worse. No-one deserves to be treated the way they are. But when I grew up the white racism I learnt was based in fear of WWII and an ignorance of who black people are. Now there are new generations of racists who deep down know these people are no different, but are choosing greed over the compassion of equality. I am deeply ashamed of this white greed that is the basis of the way racism is.

My compassion goes out to these people, both now and in the continued struggle after the disappointment. But I will celebrate gains as victories as well as noting how much change is focussing on the community - not on the failed electoral system. Until all 99% know we have failed, until 99% know how much we are controlled, we can never know what to do to become free - #pathtivism.

This has been a good and bad year for uprising – ask Greta and the millions and the deaf ears. How will young people handle both? Sad: not even happy with the birds singing – maybe Girls’ Trip will help; it did a bit.

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