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The Pain of Conspiracy

I am pained by all the conspiracy.

Especially pained because many of the left wing are putting out the questions of right-wing intellectuals thinking they are contributing to the discussion when all they are doing is contributing to right-wing destabilisation. Because of the intellectualism and ill-discipline of these supposed left-wingers the problem is worsening – they are not helping.

How do we recognise what to do? It is essential that the left question and analyse, the genuine left have always done this - maybe the right-wing intellectuals copied this approach of questioning and analysis altering it for their wn aims? The 1% have certainly recognised and used these tools for destabilisation. But what benchmarks can we use to understand? How can we know if the source is right-wing destabilisation? The answer is simple. Who are the they who are exploiting? 1%. Who are being exploited? 99%. If that is not clear in the media don’t touch it - more than likely it is right-wing propaganda; don’t touch it or reframe it in terms of the 1%-satrapy. Think about this. Our activism is concerned with anti-capitalism - ending the 1%-satrapy; the right are not, they blame government as if the government are independent of the 1%, foreign powers, foreign multinationals, anyone so long as the focus is not the 1%. This is divide-and-rule.

Who benefits? This is an important measure - benchmark. Right-wing conspiracies benefit the right-wing intellectuals, and usually benefit the 1%. Conspiracy based on proper analysis will make it evidently clear that the 1% benefit. If the focus is on independent government (independent of the 1%), then it is right-wing. If the focus is on jobs to the detriment of Mother Nature this is also right-wing; left-wing will demonstrate that the 1% have taken away the jobs to increase their profits. Somehow right-wing does not mention that the 1% are making all the profits and yet not providing jobs; somehow liberals, in government or otherwise, who don't employ are responsible for the lack of jobs. Right-wing intellectualism usually appeals to emotion and not facts, focuses on individual liberty, and does not look at the 1% benefitting.

Another benchmark is soundness. Is what is being presented sound, full of scientific rigour and analytical consistency? Then we can use this but unfortunately there are some on the left who don’t use this benchmark as well exhibiting the ill-discipline their personal uncontrolled anger and frustration demands. Now even more than in the past these ill-disciplined left-wingers are contributing to right-wing propaganda.

Here is the real key. If all people are being exploited then it is likely to be right-wing because the right-wing are not funded to draw the distinction between 1% and 99%; that is the last message the 1% want you to hear. We are all being hurt by the pandemic even those who have to suffer at our Caribbean island or stuck on our yacht, that is right-wing. We are all supposedly dying yet the people who are really dying are those ordinary workers who keep society running, those ordinary doctors and nurses who use their skills without the necessary finance to protect them; these ordinary people are dying. The 1% are not dying.

Bezos is making money but many of the 1% are losing money, but no 1% are dying. The 1% are not inactive even on their yachts, their funds are out there guiding the Covidiots who are calling for a return to work because their government is not giving them money to ride out the pandemic storm – even though those same governments are giving the 1% money because their fortunes are being ate into whilst they are still living a life of yacht luxury and their families are safe. If that government money were being given to the ordinary people as a rent freeze - even a mortgage freeze, if that money were giving food to food banks rather than killing animals because their precious market can’t sell them, if that government were using the bailouts to pay for protection for the frontline, there would not be the deaths.

But this is not the conspiracy that is mostly being spoken of, and the key to knowing the nature of the conspiracy is that it is not the 99% dying, it is people dying. Conspiracy says it is the government at fault but it is not the government of the 1%-satrapy, the government who are 1% puppets, it is the government that is part of they - a conspiracy that is not 1%. It is a conspiracy that blames other nations – at the moment China (Chinese government is no angel). The West has always blamed China, human rights violations etc, so many people back the Free Tibet campaign - I just wish they had read and understood the teachings of the Dalai Lama. But the financial popularity of the Free Tibet campaign is mostly because who it is freeing Tibet from – China. Yet the ordinary Chinese people love Xizhang but there are very questionable pilgrimage aspects that have been allowed to happen in Tibet. I say this as a committed Buddhist and a respecter of the Dalai Lama, if China were listening there could be a resolution. It is wrong, I have been there I have seen, and there are questions and there is no listening.

And here is another criteria for judging conspiracy theories, how do they know? Have they seen? And this should be your measure, have you seen? Do you know? NOT, do the questions stimulate your intellect? Don't post if you don't know. Doubt is a tool of destabilisation that is working very well at the moment.

5G is a typical right-wing doubt argument. Science has irrefutably said there is no problem with 5G. I am a scientist (mathematician) and so within the bounds of science I ask the questions of a legitimate sceptic. But those are questions for science to answer. I do not take scientific questioning onto the street to intentionally cause confusion. The first was climate denial, Koch paid for the science to be taken to the street and now reaps the benefits because although the science community is united people are not and oil continues to kill the planet because of increased deregulation; money well spent by Koch for the profits. To begin with the profits for 5G were to go to Huawei, primarily the US-1% want those profits so the 1% have financed the conspiracy theories about 5G. 5G is a trade war using racism and conspiracy as tools. They have financed the 5G conspiracies so much that people feel they can legitimately say “I don’t know the science but there is no smoke without fire”. There is no smoke without fire but the fire is the US-1% demanding profits and using racism and conspiracy to create the smoke. If the science is not known, why do those who don't know promote capitalism in their trade war; if the science is not known leave it talk about the 1%, talk about what you know and experience - the exploitation of the 99% by the 1%.

What can be used to decide on 5G is information, knowledge and analysis. The knowledge is the science, and not the financed propaganda on the internet. The information is looking at who is supporting the 5G-takedown and who their backers are, in this case they are the same people demanding hard Brexit, no protections for working people, and paid stooges of the US-1%. And the analysis is very clear – racism. Who finances racism? The 1%. They create divide-and-rule. The US-1% want 5G but they want the profits, they don’t want Huawei to have the profits so they use anti-China racism. “I don’t know the science but there is no smoke without fire” is just ignorance being manipulated.

It is the ignorance of the intellectual who is arrogant enough to think they should know. Communications technology scientists are the only people who should know because they are the people who have studied for years and have the knowledge to understand whether 5G is dangerous. Are they critical of the dangers of 5G? If they are we listen, my understanding is that they are not. Are the food scientists critical of GM foods? Yes. Monsanto doesn’t like this scientific result so financed pseudo-science, and using the internet it is now hard to find Seralini’s original stuff. Financed propaganda.

The intellectual is under lockdown and that seriously damages their supposed freedoms because of their lack of discipline. The intellectual ego always needs discipline, to create this discipline we use mindfulness to become aware of egos and then we let the ego go back to nature. It is hard work disciplining the intellectual ego. Lockdown must be hard for the intellectual and the left-wing intellectual needs to be particularly careful that they don’t get sucked into the conspiracies of the right-wing. This is particularly difficult in the WEGemony as the US and UK are now so right-wing. It is rather ironic that most of the conspiracy attacks (from the right-wing) are against the governments yet the government is so right-wing. But the propaganda has this gaping irony covered, somehow neither Trump nor Bojo are the problem for these intellectuals but the Deep State is. This Deep State comprises of Soros, other supposed left-wing financeers, echelons of government workers and powerless Liberals who make a lot of noise but have no control. This version of the Deep State does not have the sound analysis of Yanis Varoufakis, as usual there is no consistency in right-wing intellectualism – except the intellect, after it fails directed discourse, consistently turns to vitriol, verbal violence and ....

Let’s examine this ill-disciplined intellectual in a bit more detail. Their analysis is not anti-capitalist, it is not anti-1%, it does not promote the reality that the 99% are dying because of poverty and lack of funding – whether it is the pandemic, climate change or any other crisis. Compassion, the 99% not dying, is not the primary factor for the right-wing intellectual, that factor is personal freedom. This personal freedom does not mean genuine freedom, but freedom that is not curtailed from outside - this personal freedom means being free to do anything; genuine freedom accepts the bounds of compassion and learns that this genuine freedom is greater because the mind is individually controlled - no ego. Any question of criticising this personal freedom because it lacks personal discipline is mocked as a contradiction in words, but this right-wing freedom does not understand that we need discipline to be truly free. Especially this true freedom can only come with compassion.

It is so hard but amongst left-wing intellectuals we have to be so careful we do not become vehicles of right-wing propaganda. If the attacks are not against the 1%, if the attacks are directed against another nation, then they are likely to be diversions and inappropriate propaganda. One of the reasons for joining sound political parties is that these parties make an effort to be “correct”, the strength of their "correct" advice needs to be recognised. Because of legitimate complete disenchantment with the control within the political process I personally follow the path, and if appropriate would join suitable community campaigning; at the moment there is no answer in established political representation – look what happened to Corbyn and Bernie (choosing such a flawed opponent as Biden is clearly a 1% strategy). If our tactics remain feeble, liberal and intellectual there is no immediate future for the movement, following the path brings clarity joy and prepares us if there is a meaningful change in the movement.

Always try to promote the truth, the intellectual raising of questions has so many vulnerabilities and is now under the control of the 1%. Ignorance, awareness of problems, is not now the issue. The 1% now control information, control the level of awareness, manipulate the intellect through the human downgrading of the internet, and through this have the power to develop WEGemonies .... and worse to come. Awareness maybe was the problem 50 years ago, now people are sufficiently aware but choose fake news over truth because of finance and propaganda.

“Awareness maybe was the problem 50 years ago” is a very gentle way of identifying a primary issue for the movement. We have lost control of the battle because we have not come to terms with the intellect, conspiracy is just an example of that and that is the real pain. We have lost, don’t see why we have lost and continue in the same way; that is so painful.

Our miseducation systems laud the intellect. By the time people have been fully miseducated, they believe the intellect is the be-all and end-all. It is not even voiced as a belief, it is just tacitly understood that indulging the intellect is what we need to do in life. Accepting this tacit understanding people join the 1%-satrapy as some form of wage-slave, indulging the intellect and the way it keeps people in wage-slavery could be described as the 1%-hidden-curriculum of miseducation.

At this point is the first way we need to understand how intellect works in the movement. Out of our miseducation system come many intellectuals who are lucky enough to learn that the 1% control us, the 1% is our enemy, and these intellectuals organise intellectually to promote this awareness. Then they get stuck, and in many ways that is where the movement is now stuck. The conditioned intellect turns people into wage-slaves, intellectual reaction to that conditioning is an understandable aversion but that is where we are stuck. Intellectual aversion is not action, it is simply a set of ideals. What is the action?

If we look at our movement, what is the action that we must do has always been the question because the movement is stuck in intellectual aversion. When we listen to Greta we see compassion and intellectual aversion. She cries out that the movement has done nothing and look at the mess we are in. In a sense she is right because our actions have been ineffective, but she is falling into the same trap of intellectual aversion. Everybody loves her aversion but they don’t see that it is the same trap, the same failing, our emphasis is on awareness and not wise action (sampajanna). It is because we are controlled by intellectual egos (sankhara).

In some ways communism had the answer but it too has failed for intellectual reasons. On a global scale communism has failed. Marx gave us the intellectual analysis that has been refined by further intellectuals, but the struggle has not gone beyond futile Marxist intellectualism. And globally it has been so ineffective it is hard to dismiss the question that it has done more harm than good – at best the answer is marginal good as opposed to the compassion of class change. In Tsarist Russia a minority of intellectuals (Bolshevik vanguard) started a needed revolution without the will of the people. For a decade Tsarist forces backed by western money created so much hardship and death before Lenin established control. But that control remained dictatorial including purges until genuine Marxist education forces (Glasnost and perestroika) exposed the lack of community involvement, and the Berlin wall fell. Now there is a new Tsar, less death than the old Tsar, but the people accept it because of the suffering of a century of intellectual idealism and intellectual misaction.

The 20th century in China was just suffering, examine this history and compassion can only see the suffering. Communist ideals never released the people from suffering, and now the leadership is still a communist dictatorship except they are dictating capitalism. Accepting the capitalism is developing the economy, and after a century of hell the people accept the consumer benefits that brings. The ideals of communism and the dictatorship by those ideals significantly contributed to the suffering during the century of hell in China.

At this point I must take a step back to create context. When I describe the suffering in China and Russia I am sounding like Jordan Peterson. So we need to place the suffering of China and Russia in the context of global suffering. The suffering of China and Russia was greater than the suffering in the West and western destabilisation was significant throughout their suffering esp USSR. But the west was not free from suffering with their two capitalist world wars. But since Vietnam there have been limited war casualties in the west because they have exported the suffering. Suffering is endemic to the capitalist system, wars for profits continue across the globe caused by capitalism. Suffering and poverty in the 3rd world is a direct consequence of the western capitalist system. Suffering in China and Russia are direct consequences of the capitalist system created by intellectual aversion and a lack of compassion. That is the context so when compassion reacts to the suffering it is understandable but intellectual aversion is ineffective and is just screwing it up.

Within our own western movements intellect also screws it up. On a personal level when we fail to control our own egos our lives stagger from one disaster to another. This of course is a description of capitalism staggering from one disaster to another – driven by the greed of the 1%-accumulation. In the movements egos divide us. One group holds to one set of ideals within socialism and then has conflict with another group with its ideals. Communist parties were good on this. They developed strong Marxist education, and at the same time adhered to a strong party discipline that controlled intellectual proliferations. But that only worked within the party, and the intellectuals outside the party saw them as more of an enemy than capitalism. Whilst opportunism was destroying any electoral hope, intellectualism (ditthupadana) was destroying the struggle. This Communist discipline controlling intellectual dissent was a problem throughout China, Russia and Cuba, failure to deal with the intellect except to repress it was a strategic weakness.

And whilst intellectualism was destroying the struggle within the west right-wing populist intellectualism was destroying the class – the 99%. We cannot ignore the rise of the WEGemony, the Qult of Trump and the lack of control we have, and say intellectual business as usual. The different levels of intellectual awareness that has become liberalism is no match to manipulative intellectualism of human downgrading that has now controlled a significant white proportion of the class – those white members of the 99% plus the greedy houseowners and business people who delude themselves they are 1% are sufficient to maintain the elected governments of the WEGemony. Those white people are acting out their ideals - with some increasing oppression becoming armed militias. When we look at Covid in the US and UK we see these right-wing intellectuals encouraged by the puppets of Trump and Bojo destabilising producing the highest death tolls (proportionately). These intellectuals are out-of-control, this is not by accident (human downgrading through intellectual exploitation) – we have lost.

Instead of being satisfied with whining, instead of being satisfied with the egos of some intellectual awareness, we need to accept our failure. Intellectual awareness without effective action (sampajanna) is not wisdom but egotistical failure. We have failed in our implementation. There is no point in our intellects claiming we are right with our ideals when our actions are failing. But unless we accept failure we can’t begin to come up with a strategy of success. Our intellects claim that our awareness is correct, and that is enough. We continue the discussions (social media etc) on an intellectual level trying to promote intellectual awareness, and fiddle whilst the right-wing intellectualism takes over and paves the way for right-wing governments whose lack of compassion will increase war across the globe whilst appealing to the myopic greed of jobs, racism, nationalism and anti-liberalism of their own. Until we see that we have failed, until we put the intellect in its place and get over the arrogance that limited intellectual awareness whilst consuming is a compassionate way, then the right-wing will continue to win, the wars will expand until more and more of the NATO alliance will end up at war - US last.

Look at the proliferation of intellectual analysis that says Covid (Mother Nature) is warning us to change the system. It’s wonderful, such great intellectualism, where is the action? In the US and UK WEGemony governments don’t try to protect their people, they let Covid kill them whilst they continue the deeds of the 1%. There are conspiracies, left-wing intellectuals promote right-wing conspiracies, and all are ignored as right-wing policies are enacted to help the 1%. Whilst people die there are bailouts to the rich with no consequences. Because of intellectualism there is no clarity that we have failed, there is no focus on the 1% as the cause, and there is no compassion because we are greedy.

Strategies for change have to reflect recognition of this failure, and find approaches that are more than just intellectual awareness. To put forward a platform of action for this is not constructive until we admit failure. Working within communities helps people and at the same time stereotype intellectual criticism can slowly be altered but this is a limited approach. Working locally and not politically is the way to change the fake news, in politics that battle is lost. Working on the street and not on laptops is where the change can occur – Adbusters and Occupy. When the pandemic is over, please get out on the street, help people, and at the same time teach the discernment that will end the propaganda of fake news - the intellectual battle we have lost. And even if we lose the propaganda battle of politics at least people have been helped. Recognise the struggle has failed because intellectualism is not enough, end the futility of intellectual awareness per se, put compassion first, and get involved in right action.

This is not all-or-nothing and something to be depressed about. The path is wonderful. Not only does following the path bring wisdom and understanding it brings great joy. Understanding the
defiled world with its delusions is part of the understanding of the path. It does not ignore our responsibilities - our duty - but it does recognise the joy in life that comes from being authentic and following the path, living in harmony with nature. #pathtivism

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