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#fromwomentomen in context 11/11/19feminism teal when good men have shown that they want to end the patriarchal conditioning good women need also to end their own conditioned responses as described by #fromwomentomen
1%-hegemony - a change? 29/11/191% human downgrading defilement #pathtivism This investigation kind of reads business as usual. 1% does what it can to increase accumulation, divides the 99% so that now people are blaming each other rather than the real source of the problem – the 1% and its satrapy.
100%-Dedicated25/2/20#pathtivism UndertheSkin podcast Fearne Cotton There is the path beneath, and all we need is 100% dedication to that path for it to emerge and bring peace.
Buddhism and shadow 18/8/19Buddhadasa shadow Teal What need not happen is rejection of spiritual teachings because recognition of fragments and shadows has not always previously been part of the awareness of the meditation community.
Compassion - bye bye bell 1/10/19compassion masculinity bell hooks The word patriarchy brings with it a clear denunciation of who is at fault – rich white men. Now that men such as Elliott and Jordan are rallying men around the masculine, they must also accept responsibility for what the masculine encourages.
Control & Sadness8/5/201%-satrapy WEGemony #pathtivism Please be cautious with this post, I am not hammering anything home but some people might find the conclusions depressing. .... There are two points to be made about the path. Firstly by focussing on the path of 100% authenticity we become equipped to deal with what the 1% throw at us, we have the most control we can possibly have.
Dedication to bell hooks patriarchy #pathtivism siladhamma “Sad - bell hooks died last week (Dec 15 2021), she was a writer you can trust. In memory read and engage with one of her books?”; I decided on my own dedication, a z-quest on the book “The will to change, men, masculinity and love”. bell hooks was such a true writer that ....

Defiled World
#pathtivism 1% human downgrading Conditioned egos occur because we attach and cling to desires – 4NT. But how does this clinging show? .... if we look at the defiled world we can see greed, delusion and aversion.
Fake Four Agreements 17/5/20Indigenous WEGemony Fake Four Agreements:- Be manipulative with the word. Take things personally. Make assumptions. Be as selfish as you can.
Indigenous Treaty 14/7/20Indigenous Indigenous-Led I often refer to Indigenous-Led, here is a treaty I will refer to:- International Treaty to Protect and Restore Mother Earth
Marianne Electorality ACIMed? 10/8/19compassion ego elections all of the above is not a judgement of Marianne's actions; raised consciousness of compassion in activism; Is electoral involvement for the betterment of all?

mindfulness #pathtivism in unison of their criticism of the Mcmindfulness industry, and as Ron explained clearly early on in the interview mindfulness is only part of the 4 Noble Truths .... but there is a question “Has he lost the essence of Buddhism – the spirituality of the path?"
Metta to White Men 31/1/20Wounded Child Compassion Fragments My wounded child has been asking me about how I am as a white man? To be free my wounded child and its ancestry wanted me to be white and proud, this is where the conversation has come from.
My Centring Summer Centring About centring, integration, fragmentation and shadow
My Duty has changed11/8/19Dhamma Duty My Centring Summer has changed me, and I haven’t come to terms with how. Almost immediately it led to a significant overt change ....
My racism, Kehinde Racism Integration Reconciliation The implications of the recognition of this spiritual law is that racism is deeply embedded in the conditioned psyche of the racist. .... Follow your path - should anti-racist trainers be pathtivists?
Natural Capacities Overwhelmed? 24/12/19human downgrading defiled world pathtivism Do we choose to follow the path or do we continue in the defiled world? History has followed the choice of defilement as evidenced by human downgrading worsened by BigTech.
Ode to Jeremy 15/12/191%-satrapy pathtivism Complete disenchantment with the political process controlled by the 1% has been reinforced by the treatment they gave you .... Throughout a lifetime of harassment for bringing a compassionate ideology into socialism, you, Jeremy, maintained your integrity.
Pain of Conspiracy31/5/20intellect right-wing failure #pathtivism If all people are being exploited then it is likely to be right-wing .... Intellectual awareness without effective action is not wisdom but egotistical failure .... recognise the joy in life that comes from being authentic and following the path .... pathtivism
Panoracisma23/6/201% #pathtivism Racism Integration Let's examine this power further by considering which white people have the power to affect racism .... So when we talk of systemic racism, the source of that racism is the 1% and not white people. White people are conditioned to be prejudiced but when do they have racist power - especially liberals?
Perpetuating Patriarchy6/11/21Theravada patriarchy When you stand back and look at this situation from a western point of view this institutional approach is extremely patriarchal – very out-of-date for a tradition geared to the West.
Qult 20/4/20WEGemony Trump-puppet I trust individuals by moral integrity, and measure socio/economic/political systems by compassion, and by compassion I mean freedom from suffering for all.
Religious or spiritual8/9/19 path For me the teachings of spirituality and religion are concerned with an individual following their path only
Seekers & Conspirituality 13/12/20#pathtivism kilesa delusion with awakening the student knows there are the hidden forces of societal conditioning, these hidden forces are not delusion. The kilesa are the spiritual tool to understand these forces, do these forces encourage greed, hatred or delusion?
The Timeless and Tacit#pathtivism spiritual bypassing To know what is what is to know the timeless and the tacit. How can we understand the timeless wisdom without understanding the context?
Truth - Looking at Ivermectin4/7/21#pathtivism truth 1%-satrapy Speaking with a friend about ivermectin even up to truth and science
Uprising14/6/201%-satrapy racism WEGemony I write this with no enthusiasm – just shame. .... Your uprising is full of compassion, and I totally support it. .... Now the oppression has changed for the worse, but this community still support a government and police who do not treat minorities as equal.
War on White Men22/12/191%-satrapy bell hooks human downgrading We need to work together to find a way of helping these men overcome this assault .... in fact by actively discouraging such egos.
We are the 99% - a Reflective Reminder31/12/19Occupy #pathtivism Corbyn We are the 99% .... this spontaneous outpouring of consciousness brought me back into the world of activism, and eventually led to the understanding of pathtivism
WEGemony 10/2/20white enclave 1% As a result in the US we have an apartheid government, a WEG, that does the bidding of the 1%, promotes the ego of Trump and promotes the egos of white men who support him
Wight v woke6/11/20 1% WEGemony white enclave racism Understand that wight and woke are conditioned by the 1% to fight each other. Unite against the 1%, and show compassion for each other – we all have the same enemy.
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