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Title/Date TagsSummary
Advanced MAWPism 5/10/18 MAWP
All, Nothing or .... 9/9/18 #P
Antisemitism Help 8/11/18 Antisemitism
Any Evidence?5/11/18 Discernment
Big Tent Dark Money Neoliberalism Here is a somewhat vitriolic .... description of Hillaryís Big Tent from Glen Ford at Black Agenda Report (11/8/16).
Censoring Facebook04/11/18 Media
Changing Demographics 3/12/18MAWP
Compassion, ego and NPC elections 11/11/18 Compassion Neoliberalism
DC Activism26/11/18 Compassion Activism
Decumulating Winona Laduke 9/12/18Decumulating Indigenous I like what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez .... Now listen to Winona .... it is Gaia.
Deep Conviction 9/9/18#P
Deep State31/8/18#P
The Democracy Illusion 27/12/18Gaia Neoliberalism We have never had democracy, what we have had is tribes with leaders and followers. .... End this delusion that we can play their game and get their power. It is the power of our love, our compassion that matters, ....
Derek Black - Compassion 20/9/18 Compassion alt-right
Discernment - Detoxing your Internet 25/10/18 Discernment Media
Dispatches miss issue7/1/19Gaia Indigenous the reporter completely missed the issue that is best understood by watching Earthlings .... subsisting primarily on plants, but those who did hunt did so sparingly and with care. A special bond existed between them and the animals
Dispossessed but true2/1/19dispossessed Gaia Recently I have recognised that I have been dispossessed of Gaia, .... not dispossessed of Gaia who have the wisdom that needs to be followed .... My path is true but transient
Dispossessed of Gaia-consciousness #P, 1%, mindful, Gaia, indigenous Be Gaia-conscious, always do the best you can. Donít shame each other, but shame the 1%.
#endneoliberalism 7/9/18Neoliberalism
Fourth Way - Pathtivism Review 4/1/19Indigenous #P The Fourth Way is Empowerment and Constructive Development .... Suppose activists are now following the path, what will they do next? And the fourth way provides the answer
Gaia-conscious Buddhism Gaia Buddhism So whilst Buddhism is a Gaia-conscious religion/philosophy it has to be recognised that countries which are nominally Buddhist participate within the consumerist economic system .... However frustrating it is to see people inactive on the path it is their choice, their minds, their path Ė trust Gaia.
A Good Comrade 2/9/18#P
How we investigate charities? 14/9/18 Media
The Imprisoning of Spirit 27/8/18 #P
Indigenous Fad?29/12/18Gaia Indigenous But when you think of the path and the need for change, .... there has to be Gaia .... for political leadership we donít need ego we need people in harmony with Nature as a community
Insane Elite - Return to Indigenous 19/9/18 1% Indigenous
International Treaty15/1/19Indigenous Gaia For reference
Internet Censorship 04/11/18 Media
Is the Political as Personal new? 1/9/18#P
Jonathan Cook Two Camps Neoliberalism
Jordan Peterson 14 -> 9/8/18 JP - Evaluation , Jordan's 12 Rules - 7 to 12 , JP accepts racism and sexism , Jordan's 12 Rules 1 to 6 , Ideas have no power , Jordan Peterson
Labour Institutions 26/8/18 Neoliberalism #P
Libertarianism 24/8/18Alt-right
LSE Coincidence 12/10/18 Alt-right
MAWPS Frustration and Facts 18/9/18 MAWP
Meditation, Sunnata and Gaia-consciousness11/1/19Meditation Buddhism Gaia Instead of visualising breathing in sunnata I visualise breathing in Gaia-consciousness, and this difference is very significant, the significance being the point of this blogpost Ė what I have written so far is meditational context.
Mindful Consuming21/12/18 Gaia, mindful Be Gaia-conscious, always do the best you can. Donít shame each other, but shame the 1% - suggestions
Mindful Consuming, George 18/10/18 Mindful
Natural Duty of Activism 21/11/18Activism
Neoliberal Obama 4/8/18Neoliberalism
Ocasio-Cortez 1/9/18 Neoliberalism Ego
On White Privilege 10/11/18 MAWP
Pathtivism12/1/19#p There is only one activism. Going on your own journey, finding your path, sharing your path, and enabling others to follow their path.
A Perfunctory Defensive Vote03/11/18 Neoliberalism
Political becomes personal 31/8/18 #P
Political Fantasising 15/9/18
Progressive International 16/9/18 Neoliberalism
Search for African Indigenous Wisdom 5/1/19Indigenous I was not searching with an Indigenous lens and hence missed the remnants of Indigenous Wisdom that exist throughout black Africa
Spiritual Corruption 7/9/18
USING RAGE 23/8/18Neoliberalism
Wake-Up Call 31/10/18 Snowflakes
What does Pathtivism bring to the Struggle? 2/9/18 #P
White, European or .... dispossessed21/12/18 Indigenous Gaia #P Apart from indigenous cultures .... economic model of profit, accumulation and destruction of Gaia led by the neocolonialism of the white and European.
Wonderful Kids Ignored16/12/18 Gaia 1% COP 24 Greta Thunberg, COP 17 Anjali Appudurai, COP x Severn Suzuki
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