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#fromwomentomen in context 11/11/19feminism teal when good men have shown that they want to end the patriarchal conditioning good women need also to end their own conditioned responses as described by #fromwomentomen
Buddhism and shadow 18/8/19Buddhadasa shadow Teal What need not happen is rejection of spiritual teachings because recognition of fragments and shadows has not always previously been part of the awareness of the meditation community.
Compassion - bye bye bell 1/10/19compassion masculinity bell hooks The word patriarchy brings with it a clear denunciation of who is at fault – rich white men. Now that men such as Elliott and Jordan are rallying men around the masculine, they must also accept responsibility for what the masculine encourages.
Marianne Electorality ACIMed? 10/8/19compassion ego elections all of the above is not a judgement of Marianne's actions; raised consciousness of compassion in activism; Is electoral involvement for the betterment of all?
My Centring Summer Centring About centring, integration, fragmentation and shadow
My Duty has changed11/8/19Dhamma Duty My Centring Summer has changed me, and I haven’t come to terms with how. Almost immediately it led to a significant overt change ....
Religious or spiritual8/9/19 path For me the teachings of spirituality and religion are concerned with an individual following their path only
The Timeless and Tacitpathtivism spiritual bypassing To know what is what is to know the timeless and the tacit. How can we understand the timeless wisdom without understanding the context?
#fromwomentomen in context 11/11/192 3
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